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Joining was the best decision I've ever made. No gimmicks, no meal replacement shakes or protein bars, no special diet food at all. Just good information and a full support system to help men lose weight in a safe and healthy way.

Raymond David

Provide a system to achieve weight loss and, much more important, education and ongoing group support to achieve a permanent lifestyle change to maintain the weight loss. The 20/20 food plan is easy to follow and delivers results. It is the group meetings that provide support, enhance my motivation and is helping me develop new attitudes towards food and eating. Great programme. A bargain.

Jack Scott

I’ve lost over 130 pounds in ten months thanks the support and guidance received from Jimmy, Doug and the rest of the team. While I never had the honour to meet Harvey himself, his voice will forever reside in my head as a source of inspiration. I’ve tried countless other programs and the culmination of my experiences is that “diets” don’t work. The keys to success are a healthy balance of proper nutrition, an active lifestyle, and participation in a community of support; all of which are the basics of this no nonsense program. If you’ve tried all the rest, take a chance on this one - I’m willing to bet it’ll be the last one you ever do.