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Great program, easy to understand, easy to apply, excellent support all the way through and after. Joined at a life time high of 300 lbs, lost 104 lbs in seven and a half months, leveled out with a lost of 120.5 lbs and have maintained for almost a year. Would recommended to anyone really wants to lose weight and keep it off.

Eric Bushell

Harvey Brooker Weight Loss for Men has changed my life, and changed my attitude towards food. I now have the knowledge and support I require to maintain the 54 lbs I have lost. Thank you Harvey Brooker Team!!

Roman Charak

Provide a system to achieve weight loss and, much more important, education and ongoing group support to achieve a permanent lifestyle change to maintain the weight loss. The 20/20 food plan is easy to follow and delivers results. It is the group meetings that provide support, enhance my motivation and is helping me develop new attitudes towards food and eating. Great programme. A bargain.

Jack Scott