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  • How does Harvey Brooker Weight Loss for Men Inc. work?

    Harvey Brooker Weight Loss for Men Inc. was designed to allow men to make permanent and sustainable lifestyle changes focused on healthy eating habits. This is not a diet! Weekly motivational and educational presentations keep our members accountable, while also offering additional support for family members through workshops. You will also receive 17 informational CDs to keep you educated and on track. These are tools that are in the Total Support System™ to help you succeed.

  • Does Harvey Brooker Weight Loss for Men Inc. recommend exercise?

    While we do recommend exercise, we have found that exercise alone does not lead to permanent weight loss. Only exercise coupled with structured, consistent healthy eating will get you the results you’re looking for.

  • Will I be hungry?

    Absolutely not. Our program is geared to provide satiety and you will always be full. In fact, most members are surprised at the amount of food one can consume and still lose weight.

    The program is a healthy balance of proteins, specific types of complex carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, dairy and unsaturated fats.

    We understand that losing weight does not mean you want to stop living your life, which is why the Harvey Brooker Weight Loss for Men Inc. program also allows for a moderate amount of starchy vegetables, like potatoes and squash, as well as a moderate amount of alcohol.

  • I travel extensively, can I still participate in Harvey Brooker Weight Loss for Men Inc.?

    Absolutely! Most of our members find it beneficial to attend sessions as often as they can, but we also have options for those who are unavailable on a weekly basis. Each presentation is recorded to accommodate any member who may be away on holidays or business trips.

    If you are in town, you can attend any of our three classes including, Wednesday evenings, Thursdays at lunch or Sunday mornings.

  • I’m on shift work (rotating shifts) will the program work for me?

    We have a had a variety of shift workers see success with our program, including police officers, pilots, plant works, firefighters, construction workers, and more. The program is made to adjust to your life, with the 20/20 Healthy Eating Planner being easily accessible and members having the flexibility to attend any of our three classes, Wednesday evening, Thursday at noon or Sunday mornings.

  • How is Harvey Brooker Weight Loss for Men Inc. different from other weight loss programs?

    This is the only weight loss program in the world exclusively for men. Men that succeeded at losing weight with the Harvey Brooker Weight Loss for Men Inc. – and kept it off – provide all the coaching and support.

    There is no need to count points or calories and no specialty. With Harvey Brooker Weight Loss for Men Inc. you will learn to eat at any restaurant and shop at any supermarket while still sticking to a healthy lifestyle and never going hungry.

  • How can I know that Harvey Brooker Weight Loss for Men Inc. will teach me how to keep my weight off? I've lost weight before but gained it all back.

    The only proven method to sustaining weight loss is making permanent lifestyle changes. At Harvey Brooker Weight Loss for Men Inc., we will teach you how to make those changes while being supported, both during and after weight loss, by a team of men who have had the same experiences as you and understand what you’re going through.

  • To succeed at Harvey Brooker Weight Loss for Men Inc. do I need to buy any specialty foods?

    All the foods we discuss and suggest can be found at any supermarket and in any restaurant. After joining, there are no other fees.

  • At any time do I have to verbally participate in the meetings?

    No. Participation is voluntary and there is a qualified presenter in every meeting.

  • How much time do I have to commit?

    Once you have joined the program, you are only required to attend one, sixty-minute Power Hour™ meeting per week.

  • Are the classes at home or in person?

    Our Power Hour™ sessions are held every Wednesday evening, Thursday afternoon, or Sunday morning in our facility in Toronto.

    We understand that things can get in the way and life happens. If you need to miss a week you can always listen to the presentations online on the member portal.

  • Is there a minimum amount of weight to lose?

    At Harvey Brooker Weight Loss for Men Inc. there is no minimum amount of weight that you are required to lose. The program can help any man, at any age, with any weight loss goal. The program will teach you how to make permanent lifestyle changes you can use to lose any amount of weight, at any time.

Success Stories

Ramy joined our program in January of 2017 weighing in at 244 lbs. He weighed back in on October 2017 at 178.5 lbs. He lost a total of 65.5 lbs.

Ramy Wahba - Richmond Hill

David joined our program in March of 2017 weighing in at 393.5 lbs. In September of 2018, he weighed in at 181 lbs. A total loss of 212.5 lbs!

David Reid - Etobicoke

Arthur Shlanger joined in January 2016. Lost 100 pounds in 1 year. Arthur loves to help the new men in the class and is extremely passionate about the program.

Arthur Shlanger - Richmond Hill

Frank Marchese joined November 2009. Lost 40 pounds and more importantly has kept it off for over 7 years. Frank is one of our hosts and usually the first friendly face you see when the first walk into our office.

Frank Marchese - Toronto

Aman Haque from joined April 2016 and lost 140 pounds in 1 year. Aman decided early on that he was going to donate all his old clothes to charity when they were too big for him as he was never going to go back to the old ways of eating. 23 garbage bags worth. Aman is an inspiration to everyone that ever walked into our office.

Aman Haque - Brampton

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