Winter Is Coming!

Doug Parks
Dec 12, 2018

With the coming of the winter solstice, the temperature is going to drop and it’s going to get frosty out, but it doesn’t mean that you need to hibernate in your house. There are plenty of fun winter activities to keep you busy during those chilly days that will help you burn those extra calories. Still not convinced? Grab a friend and try some of these:

Pick up a couple of shovels and start digging. Shovelling snow is actually a fantastic workout because you are using many muscles at the same time. Be sure to bend your knees when you’re shovelling in order to prevent back pain. Tell your friend to shovel one side of the walkway and you do the other. Within ten minutes the two of you will work up a sweat and your arms will be burning.

Cross Country skiing is another great activity that your whole family can enjoy doing together. There are some really beautiful trails up north that are perfect for this type of sport. If you like a challenge, find some trails that have steep hills and really use those leg muscles to help you get up. Cross Country skiing is a great type of exercise because it can be done at all fitness levels.

When was the last time you strapped on a pair of skates and went for a leisurely skate? Not only is skating a great way to burn calories and build muscle, but it is also tons of fun! Arrange an outing with a group of friends and hit up an outdoor skating rink such as Nathan Phillips Square, Harbourfront or even the Brickworks skating trail and make a day or night out of it. If that doesn’t interest you, grab some buddies and host a hockey game on a frozen pond or nearby rink. Chances are you’ll have so much fun that you’ll forget you are exercising. Stay warm and have fun.


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