Where Are You Headed?

Doug Parks
Jun 08, 2019

If someone made you wear a 25-pound wetsuit and you had to walk around with it all day, you’d tell them to get lost. You’d think that such an effort would be stupid and exhausting. Yet by gaining 15 or 25 pounds, that’s exactly what you’re asking your body to do. You will become more and more sedentary, not just from poor food choices and digestive exhaustion, but also from the growing effort it takes to move around.

Think about how much effort it takes to do the simplest things. You’re out of energy from walking up the stairs. You feel ancient when you get in and out of the car. You don’t sleep well. How do you change the direction? You might blame it on your metabolism. “It’s slower than it used to be.” Or is it the fault of family genetic traits? “My Uncle Louis was fat!” Right now, whether your weight is 20 pounds over your ideal or 120 pounds over, a permanent solution is necessary.

Now imagine what you’d like to be doing with your life in five years. What are your work goals? How would you like to be spending time? With your family? With your friends? Traveling? Given your health at this moment, what are your chances of being able to do those things?

If you continue on this route, how do you think your employer and your family and friends will relate to you? Will you still be able to participate at the same level in these different roles? If the answer is “I won’t,” then it’s time you changed your life. If the answer is “I might not even be alive in five years if I continue on this route,” then change is the only choice a reasonable man would make.

Your first goal should be to stop the trend toward obesity and early death. Your next goal is to reverse it. You can do this with three easy components: 1) a sensible, sustainable eating plan; 2) exercise; and 3) support. You can’t do this alone. If you could, you would have done it by now. There’s no shame in admitting that you need help along the way. But you also can’t keep going the way you have been. Something’s got to give. It’s time to move forward on a different path, a path that leads to permanent weight loss and the best health of your life. The results will be good news for your body, your career, your sex life, and your self-esteem.


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