What Is Jenny Craig And Does It Work?

Doug Parks
Mar 24, 2015

Jenny Craig is a weight loss program that delivers low-calorie prepackaged meals to your door. They offer support from a consultant who you can meet with in person or over the phone. Jenny Craig provides its clients with a work out plan as well.

Your diet ranges from 1,200 to 2,300 calories a day and is based upon your current weight and fitness habits. You can do the program for as long as you need to. Some people only need to use it for a few months while others who have more weight to lose, need it for a couple years.

The program starts off with clients having to eat three prepackaged, low-calorie meals that are delivered to your doorstep. In addition to the three meals, it is required that you also have one snack each day. These meals teach clients about proper portion control.

Once you’re halfway to your goal weight, you will start cooking two days a week using Jenny Craig recipes. The key is to start transitioning away from the prepackaged foods and to learn how to cook and prepare healthy foods with healthy portion sizes for yourself.

After reaching your goal weight, you will then spend the next four weeks making only your own meals and not having any prepackaged Jenny meals. In addition to this, your daily caloric intake will be a bit higher in order to maintain your current weight. You will still continue to attend meetings with your consultant to keep you motivated and on track.

In the beginning, the program is very strict. You must eat the food that Jenny Craig provides. This means that you cannot take a day off and go to a restaurant. There is no room for error at the beginning of this weight loss program. Later on, as you are closer to your goal, you are allowed an additional 250 calories to use for a special occasion once a week as long as you engage in additional exercise the following day.

The nice part of this program is that you have a consultant that you meet with or talk to on the phone once a week. This person takes on the role of your personal weight loss coach and can be very motivating. You can discuss things such as goals, hardships, how well you did that week etc. Many of these consultants are former Jenny Craig clients-which can be very inspiring!

On the other hand, making the transition from prepackaged foods that are already packaged into proper portion sizes, to real life food is very difficult. Food in the real world does not come in exact portion sizes so you must learn what is acceptable and what is not. This is not an easy task for most people.

This diet seems to work and many people have had success using this program. The key is to learn along the way. This plan aims to teach people about proper portion control, therefore if you pay attention to what your consultant is teaching you then you should be successful. On the other hand, this plan may be hard to sustain long-term. For one thing, Jenny Craig is very expensive. Not everyone can afford to be on this program for a long period of time however many people find having a personal weight loss coach helpful in attaining their goals.


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