What Does It Take To Be Successful?

Doug Parks
Jan 07, 2019

Believe that you can achieve. For you to achieve your appropriate weight, you must believe in this project. Teams rarely win if they don’t believe in the strategy that their coach has devised. Why should you believe? Well, first have a look at our track record on our website and Facebook. Look at the pictures of men: real people, from all walks of life, just like you, which have lost large numbers of pounds and maintained their new weight. https://www.facebook.com/harveybrooker/ You are not at a healthy weight right now because some part of you does not believe that it is possible. But it is.

Roger Bannister ran hundreds of miles and trained endlessly, driven by his belief that he could break the four-minute mile. When he became the first man to run one mile in less than four minutes, others realized that the impossible was possible, and in no time many others had broken the mark, because of his determined belief. If you believe, as others have, that this 20/20 Healthy Eating Program makes sense and that you will succeed, then you’ll be willing to put in the extra effort, even when you encounter setbacks. Believe that you will succeed.

No one can do everything in life easily. If it were going to be really easy for you to keep the weight off, you wouldn’t be in the situation that you’re in today. For you to accomplish losing weight and maintaining your weight loss, you’re going to need to dig down into your resources and demonstrate that you have real tenacity. Think of something that you tried that at first felt impossible. It could have been learning to ski as an adult. It might be that you moved to a different country where you discovered that you actually could learn a new language.

There’s no question that the greatest satisfaction comes from those achievements where you really had to demonstrate a personal ability to stick to the task, even when no one else believed you could succeed. Successful people are often described as “lucky” or having “what it takes,” and maybe some have a bit of that. But most successful people are those who apply the rule of 5O percent inspiration and 5O percent dedication.

Those two states of mind give them what they need to “make it.” You’ll need them, too: tenacity and ambition.


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