What Do I Do With My Clothing That Is Too Big?

Doug Parks
Jul 27, 2015

Losing weight and discovering that your clothes do not fit you anymore is one of the best feelings in the world.  Getting dressed in the morning and having your pants fall down as you button them up would put a smile on anyone’s face that has been struggling with weight.  Upon realizing that none of your clothes fit you anymore and that you are now swimming in them, the question what should you do with all your clothing may come up.  Here are some tips to help you.

Throw them out.  A lot of people tend to struggle with throwing out their clothes when they are too big.  They want to hold on to them as a safety net or as a “just in case” wardrobe.  If you have a “just in case” wardrobe, you will never fully move forward with your weight loss journey because you know that if you fail you have your clothes saved for you.  If you throw your clothes out, you have no other choice but to move forward and to continue on your path.  Your closet should be a happy place that when you go to choose something to wear, it will fit.

If throwing out your clothes is not for you, try donating them to a charity of your choice.  I’m sure many people would be happy with a brand new wardrobe.  Not only would you be doing something good for other people but you would be doing something great for yourself too.  Getting rid of your clothing that no longer fits you is freeing and gives you’re a sense of pride and accomplishment.

The more you hang on to your past unhealthy life, the more it will stay with you.  Throwing out your old bigger clothing is symbolic of moving forward on to a new healthy path to success.  By keeping your old clothes that are big, gives you a safety net to fall back on, which is something that we do not want when we’re on a weight loss program.  It is important to feel that there is nowhere to go but forward, therefore freeing yourself from your old clothes gives us no other option but to keep going.


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