Those Snacks At Work Are Killing You!

Doug Parks
Jun 20, 2018

It’s only a matter of time when workplace snacking will fall into the realm of concern for your Health & Safety Committee. Absenteeism and employee sickness cost employers money. More and more companies have incorporated a wellness program in the workplace. A lot of the traditional vending machines that used to hold junk foods have been replaced with healthier options and that location where the Coke machine used to be now has a water cooler.

Education plays a huge role in changing habits and it starts by setting a good example for your employees. So next time you’re having a staff meeting or entertaining a prospective client, do away with the traditional doughnuts and muffins and provide a healthier platter of veggies, fruit, and whole grains. Forget about the pizza, french fries, cookies, and brownies, all of which lack the nutrients that our body and brain require. Not to mention all those empty calories that have been consumed unnecessarily because you did not have a strategy to deal with hunger.

If your workplace is still providing unhealthy options, you need to be the one that takes control and be responsible for what you consume by having a plan and being prepared when hunger strikes.

In the mid-afternoon, many people experience crash time. That is when the blood sugar levels seem to drop suddenly. You know the feeling: it’s four o’clock and the office snack bar and vending machines are all calling your name. “We’ve got potato chips, we’ve got chocolate bars, and we’re only a few steps away. You need to be prepared. Keep a bag of mini carrots on hand. Pull an apple, orange, banana, or pear out of your drawer.  Any of these alternatives can create a quick afternoon pick-me-up, without fat and extra calories. Instead of succumbing to disaster, you’ll be filling up with healthy foods and getting lots of vitamins and fibre at the same time. Plus you’ll find yourself more alert and you’ll have more energy to deal with the issues at hand.


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