This Is Not A Diet!

Doug Parks
Feb 23, 2019

News flash, Harvey Brooker Weight Loss for Men is not a diet. This program is about gaining control and changing your thinking on what you consume on a daily basis.

Diets do not work on a permanent basis because they are not permanent life changes. Sure you’ve seen some before-and-after shots of so-called successful clients, but how come we never see the successful five-years-after photos? Answer: they don’t exist! Fully 99 percent of men who go on a diet has gained over 100 percent of their weight back within two years. Diets are by nature unsustainable; you don’t need to go on a special diet.

You need the knowledge and support of dedicated professionals who can help you create a lifelong program that works. These diets all claim to have discovered a magic chemical that will cause your body to lose weight. These diets usually revolve around a product that you can get only from that company. So are you going to take these supplements for a lifetime? What about the rest of your lifestyle and eating habits? Is anyone coaching you? While the magic potion is important for the profits of the company, it is most often irrelevant to successful weight loss, or even detrimental! Magic potions can be pills, they can be injections, and they can be drinks that maintain to have all the nutrition that you need in a day. Many of them can seem to work at first. None can work for a lifetime.

These diets also work while you’re on them because you’re essentially paying a company to measure and send you appropriate helpings. The company earns exorbitant profits by charging a premium for packaging and sending you food that you could purchase in your neighborhood grocery store. They do not teach you how to make these foods yourself. Ask yourself if you’re going to eat nothing but pre-packaged food for the rest of your life, and if the answer is no, then you can understand why this kind of a program will not work in the long run.

If you have the courage to walk up the stairs we have the men to help you on your journey to a healthier future.


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