The Power of the Pack

Doug Parks
Sep 21, 2019

The men who are most successful in our program have learned the importance of making connections with other members. Often they find they have some common interests and share other similarities. We look at this as a weight loss ‘brotherhood’. Many members develop a bond with other members that expand into their families, career, business relations, and hobbies. This bond or connection provides an additional element of on-going accountability.

I believe strongly that men are used to teams – in sports (hockey, baseball, etc.). Guys look for fellowship and in our program, there is a natural fellowship that takes place similar to a Rotary Club or a golf club. It supports accountability and the idea that people are looking forward to seeing you. There is also a competitive spirit that can bolster each other’s results. We have experienced that when someone is down they find it helpful to have someone to pick them up and reassure them. As you may have already discovered in other areas of your life, groups are often a great way to tackle a project. Our members find out how important groups are in their weight loss project.

I actually reconnected with some members that I played High School football with at Humberside C.I. Outside of the grey hair and wrinkles, I was back to my playing weight. This connection also led to an alumni celebration of the 125th year of the school’s existence.

The venue at ‘The Harvey Brooker Weight Loss for Men Program’ rekindles that spirit of men helping men, working towards a common goal and celebrating each other’s success and offering support to those that are struggling to create a healthier future for themselves. We learn from each other and share our tips on how to stay the course and not become influenced by all the multimedia and fad so-called food products that are created to compete for your well-earned dollar. We promote the concept of J-E-R-F (just eat real food) as the benchmark of our food choices under the umbrella of never being hungry and being in control through education of what we put in our mouths on a daily basis.


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