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Doug Parks
Oct 15, 2019

A man who loses control of his weight generally ends up loathing himself and feeling that he is losing his reason for living. If he’s in this particular spiral, he’s actually risking his life, and the worst part is that he’s usually been so secretive about his feelings that he finds himself alone and without support.

Even if you’re only slightly overweight, you’re beginning to drift from the ideal that you once were or that you could be. You can pretend on the outside that it doesn’t matter, but it’s a sign that you’re beginning to lose control of your life. You know that others know this as well, and let’s face it- that hurts. How far you let it drift before you choose to change depends on how much reinforcement you’re getting from other parts of your life. The more you let your weight get out of control, the more it affects all those other parts of your life that were propping up your self-image while you were letting your body deteriorate. You start to realize you need to do something to get his life back under control.

As you face any feelings of low self-worth, it’s important to understand that you’re not alone. If the statistics are telling the truth, then millions of men in North America are feeling the same way you do now. So my message to you is simple. You are not alone if you have trouble expressing what you’ve been feeling about your life. You are not crazy because someone has prescribed your antidepressants. You’re not demented because you have a lot of pent-up rages. You do have feelings and you’re probably terribly frustrated as you’ve covered up a lot of these feelings by eating and drinking. And I’ll bet the eating was focused on comfort food- sugars and fats in pre-packaged food that set you on a downward spiral.

If you aren’t feeling good about yourself, do something about it. Self-esteem can be restored as quickly as making an active decision to take control of your eating habits, and the good news is that getting control of your eating can help you master many of the other issues in your life.


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