Doug Parks
Apr 01, 2020

For you to achieve your appropriate weight, you must believe in this project. Teams rarely win if they don’t believe in the strategy that their coach has devised.

Why should you believe? Well, first of all, keep reading, and decide for yourself if what I’m writing makes sense to you. Second, have a look at our track record. Look at the pictures of the Brooker men: real people, from all walks of life, who have lost large numbers of pounds and maintained their new weight. You are not a healthy weight right now because some part of you does not believe that it is possible. But it is.

Roger Banister ran hundreds of miles and trained endlessly, driven by his belief that he could break the four-minute mile. When he became the first man to run one mile in less than four minutes, others realized that the impossible was possible, and in no time many others had broken the mark, because of his determined belief.

If you believe, as others have, that the strategy outlined by the Harvey Brooker Team makes sense, and you believe that you will succeed, then you’ll be willing to put in the extra effort, even when you encounter setbacks.

In this and in any other success you want in life, patience is mandatory. In this time of instant everything – instant soups, instant communications, instant dinners, and instant millionaires – we can get fooled into believing only in fast and faster. You may know some people who’ve lost weight quickly, but for most, it will take some time. After all, it took some time to put on the weight.

If you happen to be someone who loses more slowly, so what? Each day that passes, no matter what the weight loss, is a day closer to your personal goal. And with each day of dedication to this project, you have another day of knowing that you are on the right track, the only track to solving this dilemma.


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