How quickly can you expect to lose weight on the 20/20 plan?

Doug Parks
Jan 11, 2020

Let’s say you weigh 245 pounds. At an earlier time in your life you were comfortable at 185, and so a 60-pound weight loss would not seem out of the question. Here’s a typical example of the progress that you should make, providing you adhere to the 20/20 program. The first 30 pounds will come off in three to four months, giving you relief, more energy, and confidence that you can, in fact, do this. That would be reasonable. The last 30 pounds normally takes twice as long.

Here’s why. Before you begin the program, you weigh a lot and your body needs to burn a lot of calories just to keep going. You provide those calories with the foods you eat, so your weight stays the same. When you start the 20/20 program, you begin taking in far fewer calories than your body needs to stay at that high weight, and so you lose weight, and pretty quickly too. But after the first 30 pounds come off, your new body weighs much less than it did, and needs even fewer calories to maintain itself. You continue eating the same number of calories as in the first half of the plan, however, the difference between what your body needs and what it is receiving is not as great as it was before, so you lose more slowly. So, losing one pound or so per week (to get you back down to 185) will come in the second part of your weight loss. Now, the overall weight loss may average out to a pound and a half per week. But when you arrive there, it will be easy for you to maintain, because you will have lost your weight eating in this healthy way.

There is an added plus: the longer it takes you to lose, the more comfortable you will be with this new, healthy eating style that you have chosen for yourself Always remember, you’re not in a race. This time next year, you’ll be one year older-and a lot thinner. Everyone is different, and your rate of weight loss will vary depending on factors such as how closely you follow the food plan and whether or not you exercise. If you have any questions regarding whether you are losing weight at a safe rate, I strongly advise you to seek medical advice from your physician or health practitioner.


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