Going On Vacation

Doug Parks
Mar 08, 2017

Looking to get away? Worried about eating your way through your vacation? It’s time to make smart decisions on where to go.

Many resort vacations come with all-inclusive packages which means only one thing- lots and lots of food. If you’re looking to be in control of your weight loss and stay on plan, book a trip to a place that isn’t focused so much on food, but rather on activities.

If you’re looking for a warm weather vacation to beat the winter blues, why not try Costa Rica. There are many adventures to be had in this beautiful place. From zip-lining to hiking, horse-back riding, rafting, swimming and surfing there is no shortage of fun things to do.

Keeping busy doing things you enjoy, helps take your mind off food. If you happen to be going on an all-inclusive beach vacation, try to make smart decisions when it comes to meals. Instead of hitting up the buffet, try going to one of the resort restaurants and ordering something healthy off the menu to try sticking to your Harvey Brooker weight loss for men meal plan. During the day, plan to go on long walks on the beach. Walking in sand is great exercise and definitely not an easy thing to do. You may even forget that you’re exercising when you’re distracted by the beautiful views.

If beaches aren’t your thing, try visiting a city. Choose a city that interests you and go. Some great cities are New York and Chicago. There are tons of things to do in both of these great places. Walking tours, museums, strolls through parks, site seeing and visiting galleries. Instead of taking taxis or public transportation, try walking to your destination, or at least walking half way.

Vacations are always a great idea but some choices can be better than others. When booking a destination, make smart decisions and keep your weight loss goals in mind.


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