Get It Out of Sight!

Doug Parks
Oct 29, 2018

Time to put into practice what you’ve learned. Don’t let Halloween undermine all the hard work you’ve done so far.  There are absolutely zero health benefits when it comes to sugar.  It contains no nutrients, just empty calories. Sugar can cause your body to do all sorts of crazy things such as resist insulin, it can cause you to crave it more and more and eventually become addictive and it can cause a variety of diseases including diabetes.

Type two diabetes is usually inherited however sugar can be another cause of contracting the disease. Since sugar leads to serious weight gain, the weight gain can greatly increase the risk of someone developing diabetes. The best way to protect you from this disease is to eat a well balanced diet and to stay away from sugar as much as possible.

Remember that weight loss requires focus and continual commitment. Make sure to avoid any foods that trigger temptations and may potentially derail your weight loss journey. You are in control of achieving your goals, and by staying away from sugar you’ll be able to get fit and healthy and become the man you once were.

You need to be aware that ‘Slick’ will always be there to tempt you and you need to stay true to yourself and practice CRE (chronic-restrained-eating). Too many of us are prone to dwell on the fact we caved, and will let this negativity affect our future weight loss. They may completely spiral downward, letting the one sweet become a full candy bar, then letting their entire diet completely disappear.

Remember what works. Clear head and focus! Do that with your weight loss. Don’t let a small misstep completely derail your weight loss. Use your fellow Harvey Brooker members to keep you on track. Don’t let your fall completely derail your goals, you’ll be just fine.  Make sure give away all those temptations if you’re shelling out and stay away from any stray treats that might remain in your home. Your future self will thank you.


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