Excellence Is Not An Event – It’s A Habit!

Doug Parks
Oct 30, 2019

Don’t let these times cause fear or doubt, because you’re in it for the long haul. There are days when you may be a plodder, and there will be days when you feel like an all-star. Don’t let Slick get the better of you by causing you to think that you’re back on one of your old diets. Even though you should now have a clear understanding of why you were not successful, doubts may creep into the back of your mind, and those doubts can become the seeds of failure. So confront them head-on. Fear makes men disempowered. It cripples their initiative. It’s like having flat tires when everything else in the car is working perfectly. In the big leagues, if a hitter is filled with fear and goes out to face a pitcher who is confident, you know who’s going to win the battle. Now, it’s natural for everyone to feel a certain amount of anxiety before a big event, but you can’t allow it to turn into fear. Not surprisingly, the way you prevent this is by thoroughly analyzing the situation ahead of time.

There’s the old story about water torture where a man has water dripped on his head. Initially, it drives him crazy, but if he can last long enough, he gets used to it, and if it stops he’ll actually miss it. It’s a sad thing, but this can happen with excess pounds. The chances are that you’ve become used to being overweight. You’ve learned to live with a fat mindset. Use the fear of what could happen as a catalyst for change. Use that energy to propel yourself forward and to strengthen your resolve. Never again will your unhealthy lifestyle cause you fear because you are changing. Anticipate what the change will mean to you and how it will feel. Now that you can see the future, what is there to fear about it?

You won’t fail if you don’t believe that you have failed! You may have setbacks on your journey, but if you view this process as a lifelong journey, you can’t fail. You may take the odd detour; perhaps you’ll find that it takes you longer to get to your destination. But, with the right attitude, you’ll automatically get back on track. Aristotle said it best: “You are what you repeatedly do. Excellence is not an event – it is a habit.


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