You Don’t Have To Avoid Restaurants!

Doug Parks
Mar 17, 2017

We all love eating out at a restaurant. We have to remember though that sticking to your weight loss program is easier at home than when eating out. Whether fine dining, casual or fast food type, all restaurants pose challenges to those concerned with healthy eating.

But fear not fellow weight losers, there are ways you can eat out and eat healthily. First of all, don’t forget your goal of eating 5 – 10 servings of fruit and vegetables per day.

Starting your meal with a mixed salad and choosing an entrée that comes with seasonal vegetables would be a good idea. Choose to have your salad dressing on the side and make sure the vegetables are cooked in a healthy way such as steaming or grilling and forego those deep fried onion rings! If you opt to have a dessert, you could choose fresh fruit or frozen yoghurt and still keep on track with your weight loss goals.

When it comes to dining out, size is no small issue. Bigger is not better when wanting to lose weight. In the last few years, portions have been getting bigger. In fact, tableware has supersized to accommodate our appetites with dinner plates growing to 12” in diameter and wine glasses ballooning to accommodate up to 14 ounces. Fast food portions have grown exponentially to where you can be eating two days allowance of meat in one burger. But, you don’t have to eat it all if you want to hang on to your waistline!

Just by being aware of the larger sizing, you can choose to not eat everything that is put before you or you can have it bagged up to eat later.

Always choose the low-fat option when it comes to the style of cooking – opting for grilling, steaming, baking, roasting instead of frying. Try to avoid dishes that are prepared with sauces and ask for soups that aren’t cream or butter base.

In fast food restaurants, little things such as reaching for mustard instead of mayo; marinara sauce instead of white sauce and not having fries with that burger can add up to substantial calorie savings.
With a little knowledge, you can enjoy the luxury of eating out without sacrificing the precious weight loss you have accomplished.


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