Does Not Have To Be That Way!

Doug Parks
Mar 26, 2019

Your first goal should be to stop the trend toward obesity and early death. Your next goal is to reverse it. You can do this with three easy components: 1) a sensible, sustainable eating plan; 2) exercise; and 3) support. You can’t do this alone. If you could, you would have done it by now. There’s no shame in admitting that you need help along the way. But you also can’t keep going the way you have been. Something’s got to give.

There are many issues that are entirely particular to our own sex that contributes to men being overweight. Understanding how you got to where you are now will make it possible for you to see exactly where you need to go. When men put on weight, it’s almost inevitably around the abdomen. You’ve seen the look: guys with their belts cinched up to hold everything in place. If you measure your waist below this protrusion, the measurement doesn’t change much over time; you can fool yourself into believing you aren’t gaining weight. Why don’t you take a test? Put measuring tape around your body so that it is parallel to the floor and goes across your belly button. This is your actual waist circumference, regardless of the size of the last pair of pants you bought. Some people call it a beer belly and some a spare tire, but it amounts to the same thing. And it’s not only unattractive; it’s dangerous. Excess fat around the waist means excess fat around your organs, and that creates very real health hazards, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and poor sexual function.

We learn to eat a lot when we are young; we’re told its “manly”. Then it simply becomes a habit. The same is true of drinking. Our buddies inevitably offer the extra scotch, beer, or glass of wine. More often than not, we accept the extra drink or two (or six), because, unlike most women, men are woefully naive about the number of empty calories that they consume through alcohol. Until a man’s weight affects his health, sex life, or job, he is probably not going to pay any attention to what’s happening. Big guys are big guys, right? They’re lucky because they can eat and drink more, right? Unfortunately, this means weight gain progresses a lot farther before we start trying to do something about it, and we’ve got a lot farther to travel to get back to our ideal body type. It’s time to move forward on a different path, a path that leads to permanent weight loss and the best health of your life. The results will be good news for your body, your career, your sex life, and your self-esteem.


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