Do You Know What You’re Putting In Your Body?

Doug Parks
Oct 17, 2018

With the onset of the legalization of recreational marijuana, there seems to be a lot of unanswered questions. Whether you are for or against this legislation the underlining theme you should be asking is ‘who has the most to gain in benefits!’ I draw a parallel when you look at niche products in the food industry. People have to look past the hype and marketing on products and educate themselves on what’s in it!

You need to discriminate against indulging in something that you know nothing about and remember you are the gatekeeper on what you consume. Don’t succumb to the peer pressure or the buzzwords associated with a decadent food product. Think twice about the cause and effect of eating that 1000 cal burger plate that is supposed to be the burger of all burgers and something to die for, because you will. We all remember the slogan ‘bet you can’t eat just one’.

We are bombarded daily through social media on the newest ‘it’ food and how their product benefits and satisfies your desires. But, what does the science say? In most cases, if you delve deeper into who funds the research, you’ll find that it leads back to the manufacturer associated with the merchandise or it totally debunks the claims.

If you follow the principles of J-E-R-F (just eat real food) you can avoid the pitfalls associated with the non-food novelty items that are being exposed as contributing factors to the obesity in our society today. I don’t expect you to take what I say at face value, but I do challenge you to research the claims yourself.

At the end of the day you are still in control of what you eat, my only caveats to you educate yourself on what you are eating and think about the why. If it’s not for nourishment and revitalization then you probably need to look deeper. If it’s not for the betterment of your future self then you’ll probably want to change some of those habits.


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