Do Starvation Diets Work?

Doug Parks
Aug 04, 2015

You ate a huge lunch yesterday and an unhealthy dinner and now you’re feeling guilty.  What should you do?  Maybe starving yourself for a few days will help drop a few pounds…. WRONG.  Starvation diets are actually horrible for your body can lead to weight gain, fatigue, and can cause tremendous harm to your internal organs.

Starvation diets cause fatigue.  Food gives you the energy to get through your day.  When you starve yourself and deprive your body of food, you will be tired and lethargic.  Food=Energy so when you don’t have enough of it, you will be tired.  The more you eat (healthy food), the better you will feel, so don’t deprive yourself of healthy nutritious foods.

Fewer calories slow down weight loss.  Your liver only stores enough energy to last for one day.  When your starvation diet lasts longer than a day it needs to find energy from elsewhere since you are not fueling your body with food, it will have to take energy from your muscles.  You will be losing muscle instead of fat.  Your muscles in your body set your metabolic rate so when you starve yourself, your metabolism slows down, which then leads to slower weight loss.

Starvation diets definitely are not sustainable.  How long can you actually do this for?  When all your buddies are going out for dinner and drinks, are you really going to order a bowl of lettuce with raw veggies while they’re indulging in pizza and beer?  I don’t’ think so….

Once you start eating normally, you will gain weight at a rapid speed and you will most likely gain even more than what you started at and it will be more fat and less muscle.

Starvation diets make you miserable, tired and hungry.  They slow down your weight loss, make you gain extra fat and be detrimental to your organs.  This does not sound like an appealing diet, does it?  If you’re looking to lose weight, eat healthy, proportionate meals and look to join a weight loss program so you can lose weight safely with the support you need.



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