Could This Be You?

Doug Parks
Nov 27, 2019

Are you the guy standing at the back of all your family photos, so that only your neck and head will be in the picture? Or are you the guy who always volunteers to take the picture so that you can completely avoid being in it? Do you notice your reflection in the store window and think, “That can’t be me”? Do you think that you’re not that fat, but for some time you’ve been gaining a bit more weight each year? Have you been putting on weight as a result of stress-related to a domestic break-up? A loss in your family? A business setback?

Are you now at the stage where you finish all the food that is left by everyone else at every meal? Have you noticed that you have less and less energy? Do you have older clothes that you really like, and you just can’t get into them anymore? Have you been gaining weight every year and you keep thinking someday you’ll do something about it? Have you run into an old school chum on the street and he simply didn’t recognize you? Are you the guy who used to be a jock and now all you can do is watch sports? Do you find that you can’t fit into a booth in a restaurant and need to find a chair?

Does your neck bleed over your collar? Have you noticed that you are wearing your belt farther and farther below your ‘real’ waist? Are you concerned that you won’t last until your daughter’s wedding? Are you worried about what others will think when you’re escorting her down the aisle? Are you now rolling out of bed because you can’t sit up? Are you the guy that has found himself dozing at a stoplight because of sleep apnea?

Men need to learn what affects their physiology, their eating habits, and weight. They need to know how to control their weight- on their own terms. You just need to see a path through the forest of food temptations that will never leave you hungry. It’s a path that I walk every day, and so will you.


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