Conquer Your Fitness Procrastination

Doug Parks
Jul 17, 2019

These are some of the favorite excuses for why people can’t exercise and they are all hogwash! No Time This is the oldest excuse in the world. Of course, you have time, because you can split the activity up throughout the day. Whether it’s walking from the car (from the farthest place in the parking lot) or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, this counts as activity. When you’re home you can hop on a stationary bike or the treadmill while you’re watching TV. Regular exercise is one of the best stress relievers around, so give up half an hour of TV time. The key is to make exercise part of your daily plan. Set the alarm 30 minutes earlier, have a workout at lunchtime, walk to and from work … just do it! Remember, sports and exercise are not the same things.

Too Tired This is probably the worst excuse of all. Exercising will increase your energy level, and your sleeping will improve too. Constant fatigue can be a direct result of inactivity and poor nutrition. Bad Back or Sore Knees Chronic back pain or stiff knees can really cramp your physical activity. However, getting in shape can minimize and even eliminate back and joint pain. Weight-bearing exercise increases bone density as well as muscle mass while decreasing excess pounds. Every additional pound puts more force on your body’s joints. As you lose weight and exercise, your joints will be under less stress and will become stronger.

Don’t underestimate the importance of activity long-term. Plan carefully, and you can slowly ease yourself back into a routine and find something you enjoy. Do this as safely as possible so you do not injure yourself (which would, at best, set you back, or, at worst, put you off completely). Just as I’m asking you to make a permanent change to your eating habits, so too am I asking you to make a permanent change to your activity level. Physical fitness cannot be stored; when you have begun an exercise program, you need to stick with it to keep the benefits. Once you start, you’ll get hooked, and you’ll ask yourself why you waited so long to get going.


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