Celebrations and Social Events

Doug Parks
Nov 24, 2018

Let’s talk about parties and weddings or other social gatherings. If you are attending a catered affair, call ahead to where it’s being held and tell the caterer that you would prefer to have grilled chicken or fish without any oil and a baked potato with steamed vegetables. Give the person your name so that the server at the affair will be able to serve you the proper meal. You can also call ahead if you are going to a party at a friend’s home and ask your host or hostess what they are planning on serving and if you can bring something. If you don’t want to call your host or hostess, eat a mini meal like a salad, soup, and a couple of pieces of Melba toast before you go.

Religious holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries are certainly important events in our lives. These special occasions are always celebrated with good friends and family, almost always with a lot of food and drink. Remember that for right now you need to focus on yourself. Ask your family and friends to make allowances for you and tell them that you just don’t eat like you used to. So when the desserts, cakes, and drinks are going around, think about how much better you look and feel. Say, “No, thanks- I don’t have to celebrate with a cake. I’m working on this project to make myself healthy and I’ll enjoy myself immensely just by being with you.”

Business meetings and seminars may be important aspects of your career, and they often include snacks, lunches, and dinner. Or, if the meetings are extended over several days, you could be faced with a situation where all of your meals are pre-planned. First, bring several fruits with you for coffee breaks. This will stop you from eating muffins or cakes during break time. For the meals themselves, call the hotel or restaurant at which the meeting is being held and speak to the catering manager and pre-order your meals.

Be precise about what you want. I am sure that you will find that most restaurants and hotels will be very accommodating. If you are staying at a hotel overnight during a seminar or business meeting, always bring fruit up to your room in the evening. It is important to have something to eat in your room that is satisfying and low in fat and calories. Don’t leave things to happenstance. Planning is the key!


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