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Even if you’re only slightly overweight, you’re beginning to drift from the ideal that you once were or that you could be. You can pretend on the outside that it doesn’t matter, but it’s a sign that you’re beginning to lose control of your life. You know that others know this as well, and let’s […]
Doug Parks
Jan 29, 2020
Let’s say you weigh 245 pounds. At an earlier time in your life you were comfortable at 185, and so a 60-pound weight loss would not seem out of the question. Here’s a typical example of the progress that you should make, providing you adhere to the 20/20 program. The first 30 pounds will come […]
Doug Parks
Jan 11, 2020
You’re probably thinking, how can I possibly lose weight during the holiday season? I always gain at least five pounds! This traditionally can be a combination of stress and anxiety as you prepare for the big celebrations, but it is not a time to let all the hard work and weight loss go to waste. […]
Doug Parks
Dec 18, 2019

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