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Men are usually dismissive of health issues, and rarely visit a doctor until they are very sick. When we do visit the doctor, we’re usually given the same advice: “You’ve got to lose 30 pounds.” Wanting to please him or her, we dutifully ask, “How?” If we’re lucky we get a brochure with some tips. […]
Doug Parks
Aug 03, 2019
These are some of the favorite excuses for why people can’t exercise and they are all hogwash! No Time This is the oldest excuse in the world. Of course you have time, because you can split the activity up throughout the day. Whether it’s walking from the car (from the farthest place in the parking […]
Doug Parks
Jul 17, 2019
Happy Canada Day, but here’s the wake-up call: unless you change your eating behavior, you will continue to gain more rapidly every year. The ground was probably laid back when you were that young man with boundless energy. In those days you got into the habit of having greasy lunches on the run. You also […]
Doug Parks
Jun 29, 2019

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