Attitude Is Absolutely Everything

Doug Parks
Sep 18, 2018

When you are starting in on any project whether it is to lose weight or to do anything in business or in a relationship with someone, the attitude you have at the beginning is really going to dictate its optimum outcome for you, good or bad. And so who would be so bold at the beginning of this to think of this just as a weight loss problem because it really is not. It is a whole collection of different problems. If weight loss is only about the food we eat then losing it should be a simple procedure and it can be if you are willing at the beginning of this or today again maybe be willing to change your attitude.

I’d like to share a quote that’s on one of our walls by William James:

A human being’s attitude will dictate in which direction we are headed. Our attitude at this present moment is what our future will become. The physical that you are is because of your relationship, your attitude towards food. A good attitude here will give you good results and a positive future. And a poor attitude will give you poor results and probably negative results. And no attitude is just a lifetime of wheel spinning and I see it in a lot of people’s eyes when they walk in here that they just don’t have the right attitude to get this done.

Many people do come here with the right attitude. They understand that this is not just about weight loss. They know it’s about carving out a healthier life and they know it’s about change, positive change for the better. It’s about long-term and this is not just a band-aid effect. This is an elusive task. But those people walked in here pumped and they’re ready and their attitude is, “Here I am. I’m willing to listen and I’m willing to learn. I’m willing to put in the time and I’m not too proud to say that I need help.”

And there is a mental rather than the physical surrender. You just kind of raise your hands up mentally and say, “I give up. I’ve tried all kinds of things to do this. I’ve thought through it. It hasn’t worked so far. I need some help.” And those people want it bad, so bad that they will cooperate and give it whatever it takes to do this and they have a good, positive, determined attitude, one that will yield the positive results.


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