Weight Loss for Men 65+

Just because you’ve reached retirement age, doesn’t mean you can’t make big lifestyle changes like eating right and keeping fit. Your doctor may have told you to lose weight or the fear of having high blood pressure and diabetes has convinced you to make a commitment to your health. No matter what your reasoning is, losing weight and keeping it off is one of the most important factors involved in healthy living.

Put your health first

Sixty-five is when society considers you a senior. Many men use this as an excuse to “let go.” They become overweight or in severe cases, obese. Excess weight can lead to diseases of the heart, diabetes and even cancer. In Canada alone, 41,000 men die from cancer every year. In most cases, obesity plays a large role in the frequency of the disease. If you’re concerned the excess pounds you’ve cultivated in the last few years won’t let you live to see your grandchildren grow up, Harvey Brooker offers a weight loss for seniors program.

This is not a diet

Our weight loss for men 65+ will not have you counting calories or taking supplements. We provide you with the necessary tools to take charge and implement change through healthy eating and will help you change your relationship with food and show the benefits of portioning. You will stop eating what’s put in front of you without questioning it. You’ll develop healthy eating habits that are sustainable and easy to adjust to.

You are not alone

There are other men in your age bracket that are facing the same weight issues you are. The struggle to lose the pounds may have left you feeling like you’re the only person on the planet who can’t seem to drop any weight. Harvey Brooker Weight Loss for Men™ provides a support system where likeminded men can discuss their issues without judgment. The Total Support System™ is in place to give you peace of mind. We also have tools for your family to help them understand how important this weight loss is for you and how they can help.

Your schedule, your way

You will redefine your relationship with food while using our weight loss for men 65+ program. You can also cater the program to fit your schedule. Many of the men involved in Harvey Brooker’s weight loss for seniors program are shift workers, consultants or have other jobs that impede them from keeping a traditional schedule. We help you plan your meals and teach you to prep and cook your food in advance.

Be your best self after 65

There’s no rule that says life ends after the age of 65. You don’t have to sit back and let the cards fall where they may. Losing weight will unlock your best self and reinvigorate your relationship with your family and friends. Take control of your future without letting obesity-related diseases take control of your life.

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