Weight Loss Support System

Total Support System™ designed exclusively for men utilizing weekly motivational “power hour” presentations supplemented with current nutritional information provides the knowledge/tools to sustain your weight loss into the future.

The culture of the organization is based on reciprocity, learning, mentoring and taking control of your food and your attitude towards food. Its men helping men initiate positive change for a healthier future.

Healthy Eating Program

The 20/20 Healthy Eating Program Planner itemizes all the foods that you may eat and in what portions. The program is totally portable as all the food from the program can be purchased in your local supermarket and you can order in practically any restaurant and be comfortable in social and in business situations. The program includes 3 meals a day plus snacks. You never have to experience hunger or deprivation because you will be eating healthy balanced meals.

The meals and snacks are supplemented with a healthy balance of fruits, dairy, unsaturated fats, and an abundance of vegetables. Surprising to most ‘dieters’ the program allows for a moderation of starchy vegetables like potatoes and squash as well as a moderate amount of alcohol. If you are concerned about starvation, don’t be, as many members find they eat more now than they ever had.

Our members only website will give you exclusive access to recipes, daily menu ideas, nutritional information, tips how to stay on program as well the weekly podcast ‘Power Hour’™ by Harvey Brooker.

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Weight Loss Programs and Training

As we age, many men tend to neglect their health. We’re busy with work. We have families we want to spend time with. We don’t think about what we’re eating and why we’re eating it. Ignoring what’s on your plate is like playing Russian roulette with your health.

What’s at stake?

When you neglect the basic principles of healthy eating and living, you are increasing your chances of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer and other fatal ailments. In Canada, 28% of all male deaths are the result of cardiovascular disease. Additionally, men aged 45-64 have a higher prevalence of getting diabetes (7.2%) than women. A common factor that unites all men with the aforementioned diseases is weight. Men in the 45-64 age bracket were 47.5% more likely to be obese than their younger, diabetic counterparts.

Besides diseases of the heart there are also matters of the heart that being overweight can keep you from enjoying. If you are worried about not being healthy enough to walk your daughter down the aisle or being able to play catch with your grandson, Harvey Brooker can help.

The focus is on your health

Weight loss training programs that are targeted at everyone do not work for men. Women and men have different systems and there are very few weight loss programs that work for both sexes. Harvey Brooker Weight Loss for Men™ is for men and men only. These extreme weight loss help packages are created for men by men to restore your self-confidence and get you healthy.

With Harvey Brooker’s personalized weight loss programs you are given the support you need to not only shed unwanted pounds but keep them off.

Support is always available

If you could do it alone, you would have done it already. Most men want to lose weight. Unfortunately, they do not know how. You can go to the gym daily but if you don’t have the right tools in place for before and after your workout, the pounds will not come off.

We have a vast support system in place to help you with your personalized weight loss program. We are the only weight loss program that caters exclusively to men and our members continue to find success even after they’ve shed all their surplus pounds. Through our Total Support System™, we will teach you how to cultivate a better relationship with food, find your best self, and unleash the fit man within you.

Do not diet

Harvey Brooker Weight Loss for Men™ is not a diet. Diets are easy to break and offer little to no long-term results. Our program ensures that you never go hungry and learn how to avoid foods that are high in fat and sodium. We help you create a sustainable healthy lifestyle where you do not need to count calories or points. There are no enchanted pills to take that will remove inches from your waist. There are no shots that will magically give you a six-pack. Harvey Brooker’s weight loss training sets you up for the rest of your life with a support system and healthy eating and fitness habits to keep you looking and feeling your best. Our men’s weight loss program shows you how to eat to fuel your body while still enjoying every last bite.

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