Total Support System™

Total Support System™ designed exclusively for men utilizing weekly motivational “power hour” presentations supplemented with current nutritional information provides the knowledge/tools to sustain your weight loss into the future.

The culture of the organization is based on reciprocity, learning, mentoring and taking control of your food and your attitude towards food. Its men helping men initiate positive change for a healthier future.

Healthy Eating Program

The 20/20 Healthy Eating Program Planner itemizes all the foods that you may eat and in what portions. The program is totally portable as all the food from the program can be purchased in your local supermarket and you can order in practically any restaurant and be comfortable in social and in business situations. The program includes 3 meals a day plus snacks. You never have to experience hunger or deprivation because you will be eating healthy balanced meals.

The meals and snacks are supplemented with a healthy balance of fruits, dairy, unsaturated fats, and an abundance of vegetables. Surprising to most ‘dieters’ the program allows for a moderation of starchy vegetables like potatoes and squash as well as a moderate amount of alcohol. If you are concerned about starvation, don’t be, as many members find they eat more now than they ever had.

Our members only website will give you exclusive access to recipes, daily menu ideas, nutritional information, tips how to stay on program as well the weekly podcast ‘Power Hour’™ by Harvey Brooker.

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Rick Edwards lost 90LBs