Weight Loss Support System

As men age, it becomes harder and harder to keep the same pant size and the same number on the scale. Maybe you’ve tried to lose weight by going hungry, some gimmick diet drink, hours at the gym, or maybe you haven’t tried because you don’t know where to start. It takes more than sheer willpower to get healthy and stay healthy— it takes total support.

Total Support System™

As a busy man with kids and a career, Harvey Brooker knows first hand how hard it is to lose weight and keep it off. He lost 50 pounds while juggling a job and family, and has kept it off for four decades. He teaches you how you can do the same with his Total Support System™.

If you’re a man that’s is tired of just accepting the extra inches around your waist, but don’t want to count calories or points or have injections, then you’re in good company. Brooker is about men, helping men get healthy. We do this through education and support, including our weekly “Power Hour,” meetings where you’ll receive accountability, practical tools, and motivation. You’ll celebrate your progress, and connect with other men on the same journey.Our members-only website offers tips to help you stay focused, menu options that you’ll actually like, and other tools to equip you for success. While our 20/20 Meal Planner outlines what foods you can eat and how much of it—all items you can easily find at a grocery store or on a restaurant menu. With three square meals and snacks, you don’t have to go hungry.

Get Support

So, you don’t have to do any of this alone. You will be with other men who are already on the program and have lost their weight. Our support team is here to motivate you towards your weight loss success and long-term maintenance.

Speaking of success—the proof is in pounds—pounds lost that is. Like Tony, who lost 129 lbs, or Doug, who’s now 108 lbs lighter with our help. But, even better than success stories (link to stories) like these, is the fact they’ve kept it off.

Harvey Brooker is a published author, “It’s Different for Men”, and is named “the master of weight loss” in Robert Kowasaki’s book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and a mentor to other weight loss coaches. Most importantly, he’s a dad and family man. He knows that men need something more than quick fixes or sheer willpower when it comes to losing weight and staying healthy. That’s why he designed Harvey Brooker Weight Loss for Men so that others don’t have to do it alone.

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