Success Stories

John Tory – Toronto

John feels better, lighter, and happier and knows he’s reduced health risks by losing 40lbs since becoming a member in 2010. Acknowledging that you can’t go back to doing what you did before or the result will be the same, John’s life has changed only for the better; as he is now able to keep up with his grandson. “John is a believer that the Harvey Brooker Weight Loss for Men works and those that are thinking about it should give it a try.” *

Tony Vassallo – Toronto

Tony weighed 289 pounds when he joined the Brooker Weight Loss Program For Men. Now, 13 months later, Tony lost 129 pounds. Tony maintains his weight at 160 pounds. *

Doug Parks – Uxbridge

Doug weighed 274 pounds when he joined the Brooker Weight Loss Program For Men. Twelve months later Doug lost 108 pounds. Today, Doug maintains his weight at 166 pounds. *

Joel Nasimok – Toronto

Joel weighed 233 pounds when he joined the Brooker Weight Loss Program For Men. Eight months later Joel lost 73 pounds. Today Joel maintains his weight at 160 pounds. *

*Results may vary

Meet the guys on Harvey Brooker’s radio commercials.

You’ve all heard Gary MacKenzie, Sid Disenhouse, Rob Della Rocca, Doug Parks, Jeff Element and Terry O’Leary on the radio. They are the guys talking about losing weight on the Brooker 20/20 Weight Loss Program for Men radio commercials. You too can lose weight just like those guys on the radio. The Brooker 20/20 Weight Loss Program for Men works. *

Just look at Gary, Sid, Rob, Doug, Jeff and Terry’s before and after photos:

Jim Crosby

jim-crosbyJim Crosby from Oshawa joined May 2012. Lost 178 pound in 14 months.  Jim is a 53 year old Project Manager who describes himself as a completely new person. ‘I feel better about myself, more confident. I was tired of being tired.  I felt trapped in an unending routine of unhealthy habits, with no way out.  I have been given a second chance at life.  This time I will get it right. I’m more self-assured and I am living like a 30 year old with the wisdom of a 53 year old.’  *

Michael Okorofsky

michael-okorofskyMichael Okorofsky   from Thornhill joined April 2012. Lost 137 pounds in 12 months. Michael, 59 years old from Thornhill says ‘there isn’t a mirror I pass now that I don’t stop and look…I feel much more confident  and people look at me differently…I am healthier and have much more energy and can do things physically I haven’t been able to do in many, many years.

David Morris

dave-morris_before-afterDavid Morris 39 years old from Scarborough. Joined May 2011. Lost 75 pounds in 6 months. This program has given me the power over food through education. There are absolutely no special foods to purchase, no pills to take and no submitting to injections. What I love most of all is that I can attend friends and family functions,  take my vacations and still maintain my weight because I am armed with the knowledge of  what to eat and the strength to make healthy choices. *

Gary MacKenzie

Gary MacKenzieGary MacKenzie  from Brampton joined in March 2012 weighing in at 224.5 pounds. Gary lost 38.5 pounds in 9 months. Today, the 59-year-old Operations Manager is maintaining his weight at 186 pounds. Gary is enjoying his new healthier lifestyle. *

Sid Disenhouse

Sid DisenhouseSid Disenhouse from Thornhill  joined in November 2010 weighing
in at 272 pounds.  Sid lost 88 pounds in 14 months. Today, the 66-year-old semi-retired chartered accountant is maintaining his weight at 184 pounds. Sid has more energy and is enjoying his new wardrobe. *

Jeff Element

Jeff ElementJeff Element from Ajax joined in March 2012 weighing in at 219 pounds. Today Jeff weighs 168 pounds after losing 51 pounds in 7 months. Jeff is a 41-year-old President of a travel company. He changed his approach to eating and is now living a healthy lifestyle. He was so impressed by his weight loss.  Jeff introduced five colleagues to the program. They too are losing weight. *

Rob Della Rocca

Rob Della RoccaRob Della Rocca  from Aurora  joined in January 2012 weighing in at 252 pounds. Rob lost 64.5 pounds in 10 months. Today, the 43-year-old business owner is maintaining his weight at 187.5 pounds. Rob is trimmer, has more energy and enjoying a healthier lifestyle and new clothes. *

Terry O’Leary

Terry O'LearyTerry OLeary from Brampton joined in May 2011 weighing in at 241 pounds. Today Terry weighs 187 pounds after losing 54 pounds in 10 months. Terry is a 49-year-old Financial Planner who felt tired and depressed when he was overweight. Today, life is fantastic for Terry on the thin side. He is no longer depressed and has the energy to do all the things he couldn’t do before. *

Greg Delutis

greg-delutisGreg Delutis from Oakville joined in August  2010 and lost 90.5 pounds in 9 months. Greg is 54 years old and has been maintaining since 2011 after he lost all his weight. The before and after photos of Greg Delutis. From 287.5 pounds to 197 pounds. *

Ted Axler

ted-axler_before-afterTed Axler from Toronto joined in May 2011 and lost: 89 pounds in 13 months. The before and after photos of Ted Axler says it all. The 65 year old started the program at 250 pounds and now weighs 166 pounds. *

Michael Yaneff

michael yaneffMichael Yaneff was 348 pounds in his before photo, on December 27, 2015.
He was 182 pounds in his after photo, on December 11, 2016. *

*Results may vary