Weight Loss Resources For Men

As a member of Harvey Brooker Weight Loss for Men you will gain access to the following resources:

  • Your choice of attending Power Hour™ Weight Loss Motivational Meetings Sunday mornings at 10am, Wednesday evenings at 7pm or 12:30pm on Thursdays.
  • The Quick Start™ Workshop available to every member and their spouse or partner to familiarize themselves with all aspects of the Harvey Brooker Weight Loss for Men.
  • Coaching Circle 101™ – A 2 hour interactive session devoted to teaching the dynamics of the program.
  • The Mastermind Focus Workshop – An interactive action planner workshop that will help you focus and track your progress.
  • “5 Strategic Rules of 5” – A book by Harvey Brooker, a must read. A compilation of Harvey’s 30 years’ experience dedicated to men’s weight loss. Included are testimonials from men who have lost weight on the Program. They also provide strategies and guidance to those who wish to do the same.
  • The 20/20 Healthy Eating Planner® is an easy to follow food guide.
  • Eating Awareness Record™, an easy to use tool that helps track your daily food intake.
  • Exclusive access to the Members Only Website where you will find recipes, daily menu ideas, nutritional information and tips on how to stay on Program. No matter where you are in the world, you can login to the online audio archives to listen to the motivational meetings from the past month.
  • On Track™ telephone support for members.
  • Success Medallion and Pledge Card act as neuro-connectors to remind and encourage you to stay on Program.
  • Six Weight Loss Mastery for Men™ motivational CDs that contain a wealth of information about the Program to keep you on track with your weight loss between weekly meetings.
  • Weighing In™ audio CDs hosted by Harvey Brooker discussing the latest in health and nutrition.

It’s Different for Men: The Men’s Weight-Loss Strategy for Health, Wealth and Sexual Vitality


The book will help you change the course of your life for the better. Look at the photos of the real men in this book and read their testimonials. Most of them tried other programs and methods, many of them had given up hope, and yet every single one of them has succeeded. And so will you!

Learn how to…

  • Redefine your relationship with food
  • Renew your commitment to yourself
  • Rediscover the fit man within you

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