New Beginnings After Weight Loss

Keep on track!

As hard as losing weight is, keeping the weight off is just as difficult. There are a few tricks though that anyone can do that will help keep your weight down without any cheats. Follow these rules and you’ll stay on the right track. Never Miss Meals – skipping meals means that you’ll feel hungry… read more >

Shift your Thinking!

The concept of losing weight is ‘just let me lose it – then I will worry about sustaining or maintaining’. This typical attitude is one almost all so-called “dieters” have at the beginning, during and at the end of the weight loss attempt. After almost a half century of personal involvement in the weight loss… read more >

Happy 150th Canada

What will you be thinking about today as various communities across our nation celebrate 150 years of history? There will be a lot of fanfare and reflection on what it means to be Canadian. It’s also marks a time where you’ll need to be more self aware of not being too caught up in the… read more >

You can’t do this alone!

One of the most important tools you can have when embarking on a weight loss journey is to have a supportive spouse. Losing weight is hard and requires a change to your lifestyle. Without support, a true change is virtually impossible. Having someone who understands you and your goals will make losing weight easier and… read more >