Men’s Diet and Weight Watcher Plans

More often than not, men eat what is put in front of them without posing any questions. It’s not their fault; they’ve been cooked for their whole lives by their mothers, their girlfriends and wives. They go to business meetings at restaurants, they have to take clients out for meals, they travel and are regularly stuck eating at buffets and ordering room service. Men don’t fully realize the consequences of unhealthy eating. The food placed in front of them contains high fat content, excessive sugar and more sodium than one should eat in an entire day.

Men are taught not to question what they put in their mouths. They are told from a young age that they need to be big and strong and eat “man foods” that aren’t nutritious or healthy. They consume empty calories and entire meals that are laden with fat. This has led to an increase in obesity in men, especially those over 40. Sleep apnea, decreased sex drive, lack of energy are all problems that plague overweight men. However, there is support out there for all men who want to make a change.

Unlike a men’s weight watcher diet plan, Harvey Brooker Weight Loss for Men™ does away with point counting and obsessing over calories. There are no specialty foods you need to consume like in other weight loss plans for men and you will never be hungry. Your energy levels will increase as you decrease your risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. The program teaches you how to order at a restaurant, shop at the supermarket and truly understand what you should be eating as opposed to consuming what’s put in front of you.

Total Support System ™

This plan for men is designed to give you the tools and support you need to lose weight and acquire healthy eating habits. Losing weight is often the easy part; it’s keeping it off that requires emotional strength. The Total Support System™ provides you with the knowledge to keep you informed with nutritional trends and gives you the motivation to stay fit and healthy.

The Power Hour™ is a weekly meeting where likeminded men can share ideas, struggles and success stories, giving each other the motivation they need to keep going. Through presentations and mentoring you will learn how to take control of your food intake and take control of your health. The program also offers support for your family members to help them understand the positive change you are making and how it will restore your quality of life and theirs.

The 20/20 Healthy Eating Program

In order to help you understand healthy eating factors like portion control, this weight watcher plan for men, itemizes all the foods you eat and how much of them you should eat. You can bring the 20/20 Healthy Eating Program with you to ensure when you eat out or go grocery shopping you are not jeopardizing your hard work.

The program encompasses three daily meals plus snacks. Each meal is balanced, healthy and supplemented with fruits, dairy, unsaturated fats and an abundance of vegetables. Alcohol and coffee are allowed in moderation and you can even have starches like potatoes on occasion.

Our exclusive, members-only website gives you recipes, daily menu options, nutritional information and healthy eating tips to keep you feeling full and feeling great.

The 20/20 Healthy Eating Program, coupled with the Total Support System™ allow you to lose pounds and increase your quality of life. Harvey Brooker Weight Loss For Men™ is the only weight loss program exclusively for men, designed to help you lose weight and keep it off for good.